Photos Of Canberra’s Annual Enlighten Festival

In early autumn, Canberra’s political and cultural centre takes on a different hue. Even the deep reds and picturesque rustiness of the trees encircling Lake Burley Griffin can’t compete with the vivid glow of the annual Enlighten Festival.

Through the wonder of modern technology and some very creative lighting architects, some of the city’s most notable buildings are blasted by a series of vibrant projections. Lifeless concrete walls that usually reflect a flat grey under Australia’s strong sun come alive in the most flamboyant way once night falls. Each projection runs for several minutes through a series of interchanging, intricate scenes. Each building’s work of art is completely unique.

It’s a treat for the eyes, and sends the viewer into a hypnotic state, as bright turquoises transform into golden dots or deep purple stripes. It’s almost impossible to drag your gaze from the kaleidoscope of multi-coloured allure. As criminal as it feels to swap your mystified eyes for the lens of a camera, it’s definitely worth it.

You take away a permanent snapshot of something fleetingly beautiful that will never appear again.

Parliament House EF
Old Parliament takes on an otherworldly complexion!
Parliament House EF 2
Mysterious shadows intertwine with vivid designs
Lurking in the shadows
It’s perfectly respectable to lurk in the shadows at this event…
National Library 2
A still fountain outside the National Library gives photographers a perfect reflection
National Library
It’s hard to believe this is normally grey rendering!
A spectacular Questacon Science Museum glows behind a lonely statue
Real people or projections?
Real people or projected shadows? …you decide!
Stewards Transport
Even the event’s stewards travel in illuminated style!

Would you like to join the fun next year? Check out Canberra’s Enlighten Festival website.

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