New York City In Monochrome

My trip to New York came at the end of a tumultuous year. It wasn’t a holiday that was wanted, but needed. I couldn’t wait to escape and breathe different air to bring in the New Year.

The seven days I spent there were a lovely hectic mess of sightseeing, night revelling, bagel eating and friend making. Unlike other places I’ve travelled, New York, and Manhattan in particular, lived up entirely to my expectations. The city buzzed with a constant energy that was infectious, and nights became a time for seeing more rather than sleeping.

My visit culminated in a New Year’s Eve that signalled the end of an unremarkable year and the beginning of an exciting new optimism. I boarded my return flight with no voice and a thumping head, but plenty of memories.

A backpacker I met in my hostel reception summed up NYC much better than I ever could, when he casually commented: “This city’s like London…on speed”

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