My Twenty Favourite UNESCO Sites Around The World

This week, UNESCO added 24 new sites to its ever-growing list of places worth protecting on this planet. The UK’s notable offering was the Forth Bridge in Scotland, a masterpiece of Victorian engineering, which I was lucky enough to see first hand last summer.

Sadly, as the global list grows, so does the number of sites becoming endangered. Whether it be through war, climate change or other, less media-worthy reasons, the list of sites now at ‘red’ status on UNESCO’s website totals 48.

I was surprised to see that several of these are places I’ve visited in the last decade that I had no idea were at risk – the town of Potosi in southern Bolivia and Chan Chan in Peru are just two that stood out.

Lists shouldn’t just be there to ‘tick’, however UNESCO do a great job in making us aware of the precious artefacts that our world holds; whether they be of cultural or natural significance. These, I believe, deserve to be visited, if only to donate much needed funds for the site’s upkeep and help spread the word about our global, earthly and very human history.

In making my own list of UNESCO sites that I’ve visited on my adventures, I’ve recalled my personal stories attached to each one. I hope that, like UNESCO, I can inspire people through my photos to visit these worldly wonders, before it’s too late.

UNESCO’s full list of world heritage sites can be found here.

9 thoughts on “My Twenty Favourite UNESCO Sites Around The World

  1. Great selection and nice pics. I have seen many UNESCO sites (too many to list) and they are most often very interesting to visit though because they are on the list, they probably attract too many people and are degraded because of the affluence. A bit of a vicious circle…(Suzanne)

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    1. Thanks Suzanne and a great point. It’s a double edged sword – visitors provide much needed funding, but without limitations put in place (like the special passes needed for the Inca Trail) the place itself can potentially be ruined by mass tourism….a tough problem to solve!


    1. I never really paid attention to the little UNESCO signs on places until a few years ago – since then I’ve tended to visit whenever I find out I’m near one – just in case I never get a second chance! Which UK sites did you visit? (I have to admit, I probably haven’t seen many on my home soil!)


        1. Ooh I haven’t even heard of Saltaire, but the Tower of London is definitely one of my favourite places to visit – love the feeling of so much incredibly history within those four walls 🙂

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  2. There are so many incredible things to see in the world but it’s a shame that so many of them may not be around for much longer. I’ve been to several of these but I had no idea that some of them were even on the list! This just gives me a reason to travel some more 😉 Great pics!


    1. Agreed Ayla! There are so many places that are already being maintained and protected, however many more that I’ve visited which don’t appear on the lists – there’s obviously still a great deal of work for UNESCO to do. Like you say, a reason to see more of the world….as if we needed one 😉

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  3. I once thought I would print the list of sites and tick them off as we visited, until I looked it up and there were so many! Now we have a mental list. Last week we visited two more – the rainforests of the Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef. Both simply stunning.

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