The Old Fishing Port of Mogán, Gran Canaria

Mogán is the perfect mixture of tourist frenzy and chilled out harbour chic.

Usually the two don’t go hand in hand, however this small fishing town on Gran Canaria’s southern shores, often called the Venice of the Canaries, somehow manages to accommodate unwieldy numbers of visitors, while maintaining its relaxed vibe.

I spent a calm Christmas Day in the town, which has been a fishing port for almost 200 years. I indulged in platters of the daily catch brought into the Fishermen’s cooperative and served by the seamen themselves, I sampled the honey rum that gets proffered for free at the end of most meals and I also fell in love with the flowered streets of Mogán’s harbour as I photographed them.

Despite the town’s fishing history being evident in its colourful boats, dining rituals and narrow streets, today it hosts a weekly market, numerous restaurants and glass bottom boat tours for tourists. Nevertheless, this little port packs a picturesque punch that’s better captured in a series of postcards than words.

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