Beloved: A Tender Moment In Tikal, Guatemala

It’s easy to fall in love with Tikal as you watch a gradual dawn reveal its ancient history. Temples rise from the jungle canopy, perforating the horizon with a hint of what they hold below the trees. 


It seems that its mystery doesn’t just inspire humans, but also animals. Tikal is home to over 300 bird species who were in the throws of their mating season when I visited. What had begun as faint echoes of a call, turned into squawks as the sun rose. By lunchtime I had spotted some of Tikal’s most famous species, including these Red Lored Parrots.

This mating pair had no time for me or my camera as I watched their tender moments in the tree tops. After many of these loving gazes, they couldn’t keep their beaks off each other!

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