Day 42 to 44: Some Great Blogs For Armchair Travel

For those of us with itchy feet, having a mandated radius of only a few kilometres (if that) has made for a brutal lifestyle change. Most of my WordPress community live to explore. So what do we do now?

Without a commute, weekend social events or actual travel in my life at the moment, I’m finding much more time to read. On WordPress alone I’ve rediscovered some old favourites recently and found some great new blogs through my hashtags. Here I’ve listed just a few of the armchair travels I’ve been enjoying recently:

Old favourites

The Eternal Traveller and I have been following each other on here pretty much since my first few months of blogging in 2013. I enjoy Carol’s photos of the Australian wilderness and stories about visits to remote locations in inland Oz, far from the backpacker trail, as well as her travels further afield.

Indahs Dive, Travel & Photography has transported me to many other worlds over the years. At the moment I’m checking in with her under water adventures and fantastic images of sea life around the world. Can’t wait to get diving again and try some of Indah’s suggested locations!

I started following On The Luce Travel Blog in my first week of blogging and still enjoy reading about Lucy’s ‘part time’ adventures. Based in the UK like me, I really appreciated Lucy’s destination advice and inspiration, which centres more around balancing adventures with work rather than gap year suggestions!

New discoveries

I connected with Rebecca at Fake Flamenco over a year ago through post comments but sadly didn’t end up spending any time in the WordPress blogosphere in 2019. I’ve got reading again recently and love her informative posts about Spanish language and culture across the world. I’m particularly enjoying Rebecca’s photos of spring flowers this month – cheering me up on the down days…

I discovered Out of the Shell a few days ago. Shelly blogs about her time as an language assistance in Asturias, Spain and her experience of travelling around the country to places very close to my heart, like Extremadura. As a language student she writes in Spanish which is always great practice!

Mrs Wayfarer writes about travel, art, nature, and most recently her experience of lockdown and remote working in Manila. As this is the first time in history that we’ve faced a truly global health disaster like this, I’m fascinated to find out how others around the world are experiencing it. This great looking blog, like most at the moment, also reminisces on past explorations until we can travel again.

Of course, being cooped up with nothing but a constant drip feed of destination inspiration won’t do wonders for my wallet when I’m finally able to adventure properly again. Although I’m guessing by that point, any freedom will be such a luxury that even the smallest of explorations will be more than worth the money!

6 thoughts on “Day 42 to 44: Some Great Blogs For Armchair Travel

  1. Thanks for the list! Always looking for new things to read and inspiring writing for my own blog as well 🙂


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