The Past Reconstructed In St Fagans, Wales

In a small village on the outskirts of Cardiff, the past is not quite as it seems. When you walk into this outdoor National History Museum, you’re taken back in time.

Each building through the complex harks back to a different decade of history. From Tudor era merchant houses to workers cottages from the 1950’s, St Fagans has it all.

The most fascinating aspect of this historical romp however, is that these buildings are taken from all over Wales. Originally opened in 1948 to depict rural Welsh life through the ages, the museum is based on a Swedish architecture museum. Buildings are deconstructed (normally because they are under threat in their original location) and lovingly reconstructed on site. The result is a collection of buildings between the trees that take the visitor through Wales’ story over hundreds of years.

As if this wasn’t impressive enough, the exhibits are all set amid beautiful woodland and planted walkways, making for a relaxing and educational afternoon stroll. During my visit in 2012, I took some shots of this weird and wonderful open-air museum.

3 thoughts on “The Past Reconstructed In St Fagans, Wales

  1. We’ve been to other open air museums like this and they are fantastic. The setting is gorgeous and it’s all so interesting, almost like time travel. I must remember this one for when we eventually make it to Wales.


    1. I agree, it’s such an unusual idea. The old forests around the buildings really add to the feeling that you’re in a different age. You’ll have to let me know what others you’ve visited so I can put them on my list!


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