Day 31 to 36: Late Night View Of Lewisham’s Lockdown

Today’s BBC live news feed claims that over half of humanity is now living under some form of restricted movement.

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Day 17: Sunset Over South West London

The late onset of spring here in the UK has meant that every evening there has been a silencing sunset over south London. Thursday’s was stand-out spectacular.

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Six Dishes To Try In Palermo, Sicily

If like me you enjoy eating, Palermo won’t let you down.

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A Photo Essay Of Granada, Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, almost half the population sit below the poverty line, which is why Granada comes as a surprise. Its colonial-era riches stand strong in its architecture and a recent tourism boom has given rise to a high-end foodie culture and niche shops.

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Postcard From San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Waves draw people to this coastal town in southern Nicaragua. The remote beaches either side of San Juan Del Sur offer some of the best surf in the Americas. Although the town itself is also worth a day or two. 

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All The Colours Of San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico

Occasionally, necessity drives our decisions. That’s how southern Mexico became a last minute stop on my journey through Central America. 

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Liquid: Life In Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Nowhere is it more obvious that water gives life than in Monteverde Cloud Forest.ย 

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Postcard From Suchitoto, El Salvador

Tourism is on the up in Suchitoto. Cute cafes serving great coffee line the streets and when evening arrives, there’s a buzz around the main square as Salvadorians escape the city for a slice of lake life and backpackers tuck into tasty pupusas.ย 

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Celebrating Semana Santa In Antigua, Guatemala

I accidentally timed my arrival in Antigua with the blooming of the jacarandas in its main square. No accident though, was my plan to see its Semana Santa celebrations, the most elaborate in Latin America. 

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Postcard From San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

San Pedro La Laguna on the shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan is home to a unique mixture of Spanish students and traditional Tz’utujil Maya, helping it to stand out on the backpacker trail. 

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