Postcard From San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Waves draw people to this coastal town in southern Nicaragua. The remote beaches either side of San Juan Del Sur offer some of the best surf in the Americas. Although the town itself is also worth a day or two. 


Why go?

I’ve already mentioned the waves but for me, the small-town atmosphere, sunsets over the sea and great seafood restaurants were the biggest draw. It’s the type of place I could lose myself. Where hours on my hostel’s balcony became days all too easily.

My highlights

Most of the town’s best restaurants sit on the waterfront and offer a view of the entire bay, including the watchful Jesus Christ statue built on a neighbouring cliff top. I ate the local red snapper, served whole with a simple garnish, more than once while watching the sun drop behind the Pacific Ocean.

With hindsight…

Don’t be afraid of the ‘tourist trap’ in San Juan. While it’s lovely to find a bargain, most restaurants have very similar menus and as a general rule, the ones that look better actually are. If I had my time again I would research day trips to surfing beaches before I arrived to make the most of a three-day stay. Most outfits charge about $10 for return bus trips.

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