Unexplored Guatemala: From Rio Dulce To Livingston

Part Four: A journey along the Sweet River

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Unexplored Guatemala: Remote Trails And Wild Friends

Part Three: Roaming in the wilderness

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Unexplored Guatemala: Working Away

Part Two: Daily life on the finca in Poptun.

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Unexplored Guatemala: Accidentally East

Part One: From Flores south, to Poptún

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A Photo Essay Of Granada, Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, almost half the population sit below the poverty line, which is why Granada comes as a surprise. Its colonial-era riches stand strong in its architecture and a recent tourism boom has given rise to a high-end foodie culture and niche shops.

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History Repeating In León, Nicaragua

I wasn’t able to spend long enough in León. Nicaragua’s most northern city has long been respected as the country’s seat of intellectual and political challenge. A few days before I planned to cross the border, it started a new and important fight.

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Postcard From San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Waves draw people to this coastal town in southern Nicaragua. The remote beaches either side of San Juan Del Sur offer some of the best surf in the Americas. Although the town itself is also worth a day or two. 

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The Unsung Pleasures Of Santa Ana, El Salvador

Rain clouds are gathering over Santa Ana’s main square. The cream facade of the gothic cathedral looms spookily against the dull sky. Below, a chaotic arrangement of food stall owners serve up curly fries, oblivious to the approaching storm. 

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The Importance Of Being Neither Corrupt Nor A Thief In Guatemala

I felt uncomfortable that my time in Guatemala, though wonderful, was influenced by a recent rise in robberies and attacks on tourists. Perhaps I ran a fine line between exercising caution and hindering my experience.  

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Why Costa Rica Wasn’t My Favourite Country In Central America

I was desperate to fall for Costa Rica. To feel the admiration for it that others held. To swoon about its nature, its people and its Puravida. However, as time went on I felt a niggling sense of disappointment. 

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