I Broke Rule Number One In Ho Chi Ming City

Border days are the final exams of the traveller’s world. If you don’t revise, you won’t be able to move forwards.

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Remembering History In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

For most of us, hesitant acceptance of the atrocities that the Khmer Rouge regime inflicted on its people is the closest we’ll ever get to comprehension.

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Roads To Nowhere On Cambodia’s Coast

On farmland near the small fishing town of Kampot, dusty paths ran poker straight around the edges of fields like grouting in between bright green bathroom tiles.

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The Enduring Mystery Of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The thrum of mopeds darting down back streets was the lullaby of Siem Reap.

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The Slow Train From Bangkok To Poipet

I resembled a dog for most of the train ride from Bangkok to Poipet. Nose out of the window, breeze in my face and an open mouthed grin for anyone who wanted it.

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An Introduction To Thailand

Searching for the next shining Bhudda in Wat Pho was like panning for gold. I knew there would be another but I had to work to find it.

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Going Nowhere: Why I’m Revisiting South East Asia

Having made the personal decision that 2020 isn’t the year for international travel, I’ve decided to transport myself abroad by other means.

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Bird Watching Along London’s Waterlink Way

On the 59th day of my Lewisham lockdown, Boris Johnson announced that restrictions in England were easing slightly.

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Day 45 to 50: Following César Manrique Through Lanzarote

“One of mankind’s greatest flaws is not being clearly aware of what life means. It is such a brief and flimsy thing.”


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Day 41: Aix-en-Provence In Portrait

Thursday night was date night. And by date night I mean that my partner and I cooked together and ended up watching TV. Just as we have done most evenings since March 11th.

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