A New Year Like No Other In Vang Vieng, Laos

Some travelling experiences feel irresponsible and slightly cringeworthy with hindsight.

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The People Of Central America: David

I had the pleasure of meeting David as part of a free walking tour that I joined through the city of San Salvador.

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Celebrating Semana Santa In Antigua, Guatemala

I accidentally timed my arrival in Antigua with the blooming of the jacarandas in its main square. No accident though, was my plan to see its Semana Santa celebrations, the most elaborate in Latin America. 

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The People Of Central America: Joel

Born in the town of Salama, southern Guatemala, Joel is now a local of Poptún. Against adversity, Joel has made a success of his local tuk-tuk business that ferries visitors around the locality. 

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Pura Vida Or Vida Loca? Embracing Costa Rica’s Mantra For Life

What does the simple life mean to you? Visions of sustainable living, immersing yourself in nature or merely living outside of deadlines and commitments? 

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From Religion To Roadside Rakia: Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid

With a characteristic scratch of his sun hat, Dimitri took a seat at the front of the boat and we chugged away from the fishing town of Peshtani. Lake Ohrid stretched out ahead: A beautiful hazy mess of still water and white sky that made the mountains of neighbouring Albania almost invisible on the horizon.

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A Day Out In Brighton, England

Everyone knows the saying. As the UK saw the hottest day of 2014 so far, the media frenzied and so did the general public.

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A Visit To Coonamble, New South Wales

“Oh, the kids here do one of those every year” someone shrugged by way of explanation. I continued to gawp, utterly horrified, at the giant papier-mâché edifice hanging only a few meters above my disbelieving head.

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