A New Discovery At Ancient Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Well before sunrise Angkor Wat is bustling. Loaded tuk-tuks pull up in front of the iconic facade of Cambodia’s largest temple and immediately cameras start clicking. This is always how another day begins at the famous complex. 

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A Two Month Itinerary For South East Asia

On my way to Australia I travelled through South East Asia. On a tight timeframe and an even tighter budget, I’d planned an itinerary in advance. Would I experience the best of these countries during my fleeting visit? Or would I rush from temple to beach, not seeing much at all?

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In Search Of Tea In Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands

The only place I’ve travelled in the world where a fruit stall doubles as a bus stop, is just outside the mountain town of Tanah Rata in Malaysia’s north.

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Dishes From The World’s Longest Train Journey

The Trans-Siberian Express passes through countries renowned for their hearty cooking. Stewed meats, dumplings and some more peculiar feasts are on the menu.

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24 Hours On Malaysia’s Langkawi Island

I just really needed a wash.

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