Roads To Nowhere On Cambodia’s Coast

On farmland near the small fishing town of Kampot, dusty paths ran poker straight around the edges of fields like grouting in between bright green bathroom tiles.

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Day 45 to 50: Following César Manrique Through Lanzarote

“One of mankind’s greatest flaws is not being clearly aware of what life means. It is such a brief and flimsy thing.”


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Day 7: Wild Places In The Canary Islands

Virtual escapism is a great thing and there are some really creative initiatives changing our concept of adventure at the moment.

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My Top Six Sicilian Experiences

From fiery peaks and turquoise seas, to ancient architecture and Michelin star meals, Sicily really does have it all. 

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The Wonderful Wait: A Train Journey Across Sicily

As someone who tends to gravitate towards European cities for their architecture and history, I rarely find myself truly in the wilderness of a country on this continent.

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Italy With A Twist In Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, a city on the northern coast of Sicily, has long been home for people from all corners of the Mediterranean. In 2019 it continues to be defined by its cultural diversity, both contemporary and historical.

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The Three Lies Of Utila, Honduras

The only problem with Utila was that I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. 

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My Favourite Place: Where Is Yours?

When I returned to Porquerolles in 2015 as an adult I was nervous. Would it live up to my childhood memories?

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Postcard From Caye Caulker, Belize

In Caye Caulker, the sand is white, the water is crystal clear and the streets are multicoloured. Whole lobsters are grilled to your taste on the roadside and the locals always have a smile (well, living here why wouldn’t they).

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Snorkelling In Coiba Marine Reserve On Panama’s Pacific Coast

On a backpacker trail that’s becoming reasonably well-trodden, Santa Catalina still felt relatively offbeat.

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