An Introduction To Thailand

Searching for the next shining Bhudda in Wat Pho was like panning for gold. I knew there would be another but I had to work to find it.

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Perfectly Preserved Pompeii, Italy

On August 24th 79AD Vesuvius erupted. Pompeii, which by then had been an established town for well over 600 years, bore the full force of not lava, but pyroclastic flows. 

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The White World Of Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats

Some places have to be seen to be believed. During my second month in South America I drove south from La Paz towards the town of Uyuni in southern Bolivia: A base for the world’s largest, and highest salt lake.

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Following In Inca Footsteps At Machu Picchu, Peru

In a world where few corners remain unexplored, it’s easy to become cynical about well-trodden paths.

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Walking Through 500 Years At Hampton Court Palace

Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed.” (Henry VIII of England)

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My Twenty Favourite UNESCO Sites Around The World

This week, UNESCO added 24 new sites to its ever-growing list of places worth protecting on this planet. The UK’s notable offering was the Forth Bridge in Scotland, a masterpiece of Victorian engineering, which I was lucky enough to see first hand last summer.

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Life And Death In The Peruvian Desert

We think of deserts as vast expanses of nothingness. No life, no growth and certainly no visible signs of the moments in between.

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The City Of Westminster In London

My very first postcode is, somewhat ironically, one of the few places in the world that I can’t remember.

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A Two Month Itinerary For South East Asia

On my way to Australia I travelled through South East Asia. On a tight timeframe and an even tighter budget, I’d planned an itinerary in advance. Would I experience the best of these countries during my fleeting visit? Or would I rush from temple to beach, not seeing much at all?

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A Room With A View In London’s Shard

Millions of tiny twinkles punctured the final moments of twilight. Vibrant streams of metal machines pulsed through dark streets and over bright bridges, making the whole lit landscape appear fluid.

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