Why I Didn’t Visit Lake Titicaca’s Reed Islands

Puno is an unremarkable town in southern Peru. It has some dreary tower blocks, a mall of sorts and, from personal experience, a shabby restaurant on a side street somewhere that cooks amazing fried rice.

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I Got A Silly Tattoo In Cusco, Peru

“Give me your simplest fish”. I chirped nervously as I rolled onto the leather couch. In a narrow Cusco street I’d decided to get my first, and incidentally, my only tattoo.

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Following In Inca Footsteps At Machu Picchu, Peru

In a world where few corners remain unexplored, it’s easy to become cynical about well-trodden paths.

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Meeting The Condors Of Colca Canyon, Peru

How far would you travel to see something special?

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The Poor Man’s Galapagos Islands, Peru

Not visiting the Galapagos Islands while I was in Ecuador is my biggest travel regret. My strict budget didn’t allow me the luxury.

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Life And Death In The Peruvian Desert

We think of deserts as vast expanses of nothingness. No life, no growth and certainly no visible signs of the moments in between.

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All The Suns Of Punta Sal, Northern Peru

The first time I ever saw the Pacific it glistened steely white under a strong afternoon sun.

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