Bird Watching Along London’s Waterlink Way

On the 59th day of my Lewisham lockdown, Boris Johnson announced that restrictions in England were easing slightly.

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In Search Of The Resplendent Quetzal

“Maybe we should go to Salama?”. I put the question to my travel buddy despite knowing it was a big ask. Salama was a two day trip off our planned route but that’s how extreme my quetzal obsession had become. 

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A Lazy Novice’s Guide To Birding In Central America

From colourful flashes within the canopies to melodic morning songs, birds will be a lasting memory of my time in Central America.

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A Face In The Crowd: Photographing Hummingbirds In Central America

Since day one of my journey through Central America, hummingbirds have become an obsession. I can’t explain their allure. I only know that when I watch them hover I stand silent; hypnotised.

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Meeting The Condors Of Colca Canyon, Peru

How far would you travel to see something special?

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The Poor Man’s Galapagos Islands, Peru

Not visiting the Galapagos Islands while I was in Ecuador is my biggest travel regret. My strict budget didn’t allow me the luxury.

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