The Old And The New In Sicily’s Cefalù

For all that Sicily can track its heritage effortlessly back over Millennia, it looks forward when it comes to tourism.

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A Walk On Mondello’s Wildside in Capo Gallo Nature Reserve

As the footpath disappeared completely into boulders the size of compact Italian Fiats, only my gaze could continue to trace the tiny slither of land towards the peninsula’s vertiginous point.

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Unexplored Guatemala: From Rio Dulce To Livingston

Part Four: A journey along the Sweet River

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Postcard From San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Waves draw people to this coastal town in southern Nicaragua. The remote beaches either side of San Juan Del Sur offer some of the best surf in the Americas. Although the town itself is also worth a day or two. 

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Five Places In Central America That You May Not Know

In Central America there’s a well established ‘Gringo’ trail for good reason. The Maya ruins, colonial cities and tropical coastline that make up the isthmus draw backpackers, holiday makers and expats from around the world. 

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Postcard From Livingston, Guatemala

Livingston occupies a tiny slither of Caribbean coast in the south of Guatemala. It’s the only enclave of the Garifuna people in the country, as well as being the extremely picturesque end to a fantastic boat cruise from nearby Rio Dulce.

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Postcard From Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a surfer’s party town. By day everyone hits the beaches, by night the reggae bars are the place to be.

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For The Love Of Lemons: Is There More To Sorrento?

Whenever I tried to write about Sorrento, my head filled with lemons. The symbiotic relationship that the Italian seaside town has with the citrus fruit is my overwhelming memory of four days in the region.

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Satisfaction: A Dip In Sorrento’s Sea, Italy

Satisfaction doesn’t always have to be experienced first hand to make us feel content. 

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The Old Fishing Port of Mogán, Gran Canaria

Mogán is the perfect mixture of tourist frenzy and chilled out harbour chic.

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