Unexplored Guatemala: From Rio Dulce To Livingston

Part Four: A journey along the Sweet River

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Unexplored Guatemala: Remote Trails And Wild Friends

Part Three: Roaming in the wilderness

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Unexplored Guatemala: Working Away

Part Two: Daily life on the finca in Poptun.

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Unexplored Guatemala: Accidentally East

Part One: From Flores south, to Poptún

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The Importance Of Being Neither Corrupt Nor A Thief In Guatemala

I felt uncomfortable that my time in Guatemala, though wonderful, was influenced by a recent rise in robberies and attacks on tourists. Perhaps I ran a fine line between exercising caution and hindering my experience.  

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Sustainable Trails: Are Too Many Of Us Hiking Guatemala’s Volcán Acatenango?

“I’ve been coming up here with my father since I was ten.” Lionel told me. “Of course, there was no one else up here then”.

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Celebrating Semana Santa In Antigua, Guatemala

I accidentally timed my arrival in Antigua with the blooming of the jacarandas in its main square. No accident though, was my plan to see its Semana Santa celebrations, the most elaborate in Latin America. 

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Postcard From San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

San Pedro La Laguna on the shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan is home to a unique mixture of Spanish students and traditional Tz’utujil Maya, helping it to stand out on the backpacker trail. 

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The Maya World Of Tikal, Guatemala

The borders that encircle the countries we recognise today as Belize, Guatemala and Honduras mean little in the story of the Maya.

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The People Of Central America: Joel

Born in the town of Salama, southern Guatemala, Joel is now a local of Poptún. Against adversity, Joel has made a success of his local tuk-tuk business that ferries visitors around the locality. 

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