Postcard From Livingston, Guatemala

Livingston occupies a tiny slither of Caribbean coast in the south of Guatemala. It’s the only enclave of the Garifuna people in the country, as well as being the extremely picturesque end to a fantastic boat cruise from nearby Rio Dulce.

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Exploring Ixo Cave In Poptun, Guatemala

Caving in Guatemala is an unceremonious affair. You hike for a while, usually through jungle, and then simply slip in. It’s almost as if you have stumbled upon the ancient geological formation by accident. Ah, a massive cave system: what a surprise!

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Beloved: A Tender Moment In Tikal, Guatemala

It’s easy to fall in love with Tikal as you watch a gradual dawn reveal its ancient history. Temples rise from the jungle canopy, perforating the horizon with a hint of what they hold below the trees. 

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