The Unsung Pleasures Of Santa Ana, El Salvador

Rain clouds are gathering over Santa Ana’s main square. The cream facade of the gothic cathedral looms spookily against the dull sky. Below, a chaotic arrangement of food stall owners serve up curly fries, oblivious to the approaching storm. 

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The People Of Central America: David

I had the pleasure of meeting David as part of a free walking tour that I joined through the city of San Salvador.

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The True Colours Of El Salvador

I love infographics. Colourful maps of our world that tell us stories through numbers. Data on rainfall, populations, who drinks the most and sometimes even who is happiest, is collected and analysed to create easily digested pictures. 

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Postcard From Suchitoto, El Salvador

Tourism is on the up in Suchitoto. Cute cafes serving great coffee line the streets and when evening arrives, there’s a buzz around the main square as Salvadorians escape the city for a slice of lake life and backpackers tuck into tasty pupusas. 

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Coffee Boom Capital: A Walking Tour Around San Salvador

“Blocks of multicoloured light pierced every curve of the stunning church. A complete contrast to its brutalist exterior and a timely reminder never to judge a book by its cover.” 

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Hiking The Seven Waterfalls of Juayúa, El Salvador

It was already warm as I followed our guide, Douglas through Juayua’s cobbled streets to the path where the hike began. A few local street dogs bounced alongside us, ever hopeful of pats or even better, food. 

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