The People Of Central America: David

I had the pleasure of meeting David as part of a free walking tour that I joined through the city of San Salvador.

Born and bred in El Salvador’s capital, David now works as a guide to show visitors everything his city has to offer, as well as running his own tourist business Skies & Sea Tours on the weekends.

Hard working and passionate, David is a great example of everything that the people of El Salvador have to offer us inquisitive tourists: Open, friendly and fascinating conversation on the future of their beautiful country and a sense of positivity going forward.

What is happiness for you?

For me, happiness is finding my role in the life given me by God, filling my potential and sowing seeds that benefit and help others.

As well as that, happiness is sharing natural beauty and the cultures of our continent with the whole world! Every day sharing a smile, a tradition and a hug with people that I haven’t ever met before who become friends within a few hours. I can then share my passion for travel with them!

David poses for a selfie with some other British visitors to his city

What has changed in El Salvador in the last five years?

During the last five years I have seen the call centre industry grow like never before. As well as this, businesses related to teaching the English language have increased. The tourism industry continues to grow every day and month on month there are more new opportunities.

The mayor of San Salvador, Nayib Bukele has led the most significant changes in the last three years in that he has given San Salvador a new image, with building renovations, clean plazas with decorations as well as providing safety throughout the city. His improvements have also included a celebration of our culture in all its forms such as art, music and theatre.

Previously we were nervous to go to San Salvador, whereas now it makes us proud to visit it every day. Additionally, the promotion of Salvadoran coffee on a global level means that it is now rightly being recognised as one of the best in the world.

David takes visitors around San Salvador’s main areas, such as the Plaza de la Libertad above

What will change in El Salvador in the next five years?

The next presidential elections are in March 2019 and Nayib Bukele will run as a candidate. If he has been capable of showing a better version of San Salvador, he could also generate new ideas to demonstrate the best of the whole country.

Personally, I have been working weekends establishing my own tourism business. From this, I became employed by another company to be a tourist guide full time and I think that in the next five years I will be positioning my business to be recognised on a global level.

Every day I make new friends and new connections. Not only Europeans but also South Americans, people who have experience in the tourism industry. This makes me feel like we are going the right way and good trip advisor reviews continue to give us confidence. Our main focus is to show El Salvador as a destination that is worth visiting!

We have high hopes that we will literally put our country on the map as a must-visit destination.

With his agreement, I put these questions to David via WhatsApp and have translated his answers into English from Spanish. All opinions are his. 

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