The Wonderful Wait: A Train Journey Across Sicily

As someone who tends to gravitate towards European cities for their architecture and history, I rarely find myself truly in the wilderness of a country on this continent.

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A Walk On Mondello’s Wildside in Capo Gallo Nature Reserve

As the footpath disappeared completely into boulders the size of compact Italian Fiats, only my gaze could continue to trace the tiny slither of land towards the peninsula’s vertiginous point.

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Italy With A Twist In Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, a city on the northern coast of Sicily, has long been home for people from all corners of the Mediterranean. In 2019 it continues to be defined by its cultural diversity, both contemporary and historical.

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Close Encounters With Australian Wildlife

It sounds a little naive but before I arrived in Australia, I only associated its animals with its vast areas of wilderness.

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A Strange Dawn At Canberra’s National Gallery Of Australia

As I go into 2019, I’ve been reminded of a sunrise that I once watched in Canberra.

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Unexplored Guatemala: From Rio Dulce To Livingston

Part Four: A journey along the Sweet River

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Unexplored Guatemala: Remote Trails And Wild Friends

Part Three: Roaming in the wilderness

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Unexplored Guatemala: Working Away

Part Two: Daily life on the finca in Poptun.

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Unexplored Guatemala: Accidentally East

Part One: From Flores south, to Poptún

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History Repeating In León, Nicaragua

I wasn’t able to spend long enough in León. Nicaragua’s most northern city has long been respected as the country’s seat of intellectual and political challenge. A few days before I planned to cross the border, it started a new and important fight.

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