My Favourite Place: Where Is Yours?

When I returned to Porquerolles in 2015 as an adult I was nervous. Would it live up to my childhood memories?

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Postcard From Livingston, Guatemala

Livingston occupies a tiny slither of Caribbean coast in the south of Guatemala. It’s the only enclave of the Garifuna people in the country, as well as being the extremely picturesque end to a fantastic boat cruise from nearby Rio Dulce.

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A Face In The Crowd: Photographing Hummingbirds In Central America

Since day one of my journey through Central America, hummingbirds have become an obsession. I can’t explain their allure. I only know that when I watch them hover I stand silent; hypnotised.

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Exploring Ixo Cave In Poptun, Guatemala

Caving in Guatemala is an unceremonious affair. You hike for a while, usually through jungle, and then simply slip in. It’s almost as if you have stumbled upon the ancient geological formation by accident. Ah, a massive cave system: what a surprise!

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Beloved: A Tender Moment In Tikal, Guatemala

It’s easy to fall in love with Tikal as you watch a gradual dawn reveal its ancient history. Temples rise from the jungle canopy, perforating the horizon with a hint of what they hold below the trees. 

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Postcard From Caye Caulker, Belize

In Caye Caulker, the sand is white, the water is crystal clear and the streets are multicoloured. Whole lobsters are grilled to your taste on the roadside and the locals always have a smile (well, living here why wouldn’t they).

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Postcard From Panama City

Panama is a city of old and new. Feats of modern engineering, ramshackle rooftops and one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems all battle it out for supremacy in this city of contrasts.

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Postcard From Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo is a surfer’s party town. By day everyone hits the beaches, by night the reggae bars are the place to be.

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The Wildlife Of Cahuita, Costa Rica

Forget the reggae, the beers and the surf. If you visit Cahuita for one thing let it be the wildlife. 

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A Few Of My Favourite Italian Moments In Photos

What struck me most about this country was the compulsion I always felt to visit the big sights. Rome’s Pantheon, Venice’s St Marc’s Square and Florence’s Duomo to name a fantastic few.

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