Travel Blogging: A Chicken And Egg Tale

From the moment we began walking the earth, we found ways to record our experiences and explain the world around us. Be it through cave paintings, stone carvings or the printed word, we’re experts at describing our surroundings.

Sharing Our World

With the advent of live documentaries, Internet and social media, we now share our worlds with each other more than ever. We also move further than our cave, our community and even our continent. We’ve become part of global groups, multiple groups and even virtual communities.

Strange then, that travel blogging is often considered a hindrance to more spontaneous wandering. Which came first: Roaming the earth or our innate urge to record it? It’s a case of the chicken and the egg.

The way I travel has certainly changed for the better since I started The Long Way Home. My curiosity for other cultures, languages and landscapes has grown tenfold and arguably, I’ve become a more understanding, tolerant visitor. I research more thoroughly, engage more with locals and put more effort into discovering what makes a country tick.

It’s For The Blog

I’m so absorbed in each destination I visit that family, friends and fellow travellers can become annoyed with my behaviour: I linger to take a photo, revisit a point of interest several times and spend precious time making notes in hostels and hotels. I’m the first to admit that this might make me less fun as a travel companion!

My response to their grumbles is often “It’s for the blog” and this seems like the simplest excuse. Of course, the life I lead and my passion for travel isn’t just for the virtual world. It’s mostly for my sheer enjoyment and The Long Way Home is a large part of that. More worrying perhaps is why I feel the need to justify the way I travel at all.

A Proud Travel Blogger

Analysing, cataloguing and sharing our experiences, not only enhances the way we explore, but can help us learn more about the globe. At worst, we inspire someone to take a holiday somewhere new. At best, we teach people about the benefits of cultural diversity, gradually breaking down barriers and prejudices.

Instead of trying to excuse and justify the recording of our adventures, our travel blogging community should feel proud. We’re part of a virtual team of wanderers that inspire, teach and at the very least, showcase our adventures to others in a positive way.

From cave to community to continent and even to outer space, we will always seek to explain our surroundings, and in 2015, we’ve found more ways than ever before to share our fascinating little worlds.

Do you think travel blogging impacts our travel experiences negatively of positively?

8 thoughts on “Travel Blogging: A Chicken And Egg Tale

  1. Love this post! Blogging has enriched our lives and travel in so many ways. We have met people virtually and in person from around the world, learned about so many places we now want to visit and made us more aware of the small things when we travel. I do find i need to continue to work on balance and not have the blog and all that I love about it take over my every waking moment. 🙂


    1. Well said Sue! (for some reason I’ve only just had a notification of your comment a year later!) This year I’m looking into attending some bloggers’ conferences to meet other bloggers in person and exchange ideas – there’s a lot be said for this wonderful online community we’re part of and what opportunities it can give us 🙂

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  2. How true! We do so many things now because they will make great stories. I have found that my photography has improved so much because I am really thinking about what I want to record. Blogging has enriched our lives and given us some amazing opportunities. For us, the travel definitely came first but writing about our travels has influenced our choices.

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  3. We shouldn’t have to excuse our desire to linger over a particular detail, to want to capture some of the wonder we feel at encountering a new place, or wanting to record our thoughts about an unknown culture. Whether we do these things for ourselves or for a greater audience, taking the time to appreciate where we are rather than running from place to place snapping quick selfies is what enriches our lives. One would hope to travel with others who share this ethos.

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    1. Thanks Miriam! I agree – even when I’m constrained by my annual leave allocation, I still like to explore as much of a place as possible and just take time to sit in its cafes and watch the world go by. There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the moment!

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