Reflections On Canberra: A Home That Changed My Life

I still have more to say about my recent travels through Central America. Although as always at this time of year, I find myself reflecting on the three years I spent in Australia.

Canberra’s one of the best places in Australia to experience the four seasons. Autumn was always particularly beautiful.

Late November not only marks the anniversary of my departure from the UK in 2010 but also my return from Australia in 2013. Undoubtedly though, it’s these crisp autumn mornings when leaves turn to fire just before falling, that remind me most of Canberra. Strange really, as November over there sees soaring temperatures and the onset of the long, dry Australian summer.

When I consider Canberra’s influence on the person I am today, I wonder why I don’t write about it more. I’ve only given it a few mentions so far – talking about its beautiful wild hikes, Enlighten festival and nearby snowy mountains, when it was my decision to leave the city that started this blog. In fact, Home Is A Feeling was launched on my penultimate day in Australia!

On top of the world! Weekend hikes on quiet trails were one of my favourite things about living in Canberra

One theory I hold is that until now, it’s simply been too soon. Too much of a deep dive into happy memories that will make me nostalgic to the point of sadness. I miss my friends, many elements of my outdoorsy lifestyle and even my daily work routine. So much so that I still talk of having two lives. Two lives that, since 2013, have very luckily collided on a few occasions.

Unbelievably it’s now been half a decade since I came back to London and made the tough decision not to return to my second home.

It’s definitely time to talk. I want to give Canberra and my life in Australia the lip service it deserves. That decision I made eight years ago changed my life immeasurably and it’s Canberra I have to thank.

Canberra’s Parliament House – the first cover image I used on the blog back in 2013

8 thoughts on “Reflections On Canberra: A Home That Changed My Life

    1. Perhaps one day Barrie! Just been having a read of your blog and it brought back many lovely memories. I loved the Yankee Hat Trail and Mt Gingera was one of my favourite hikes (albeit slightly worse weather when I got to the top!) Happy hiking.


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