Day 6: Stay At Home

After attempting a walk on Saturday that became a game of dodging and weaving the gatherings of people on Hilly Fields, we’ve decided to stay around our flat.

I still feel perfectly well but of course, could be asymptomatic and can’t relax going for a walk when there seem to be even more older, vulnerable people than usual socialising in south east London.

The anxiety created by trying to stay two meters from people who have absolutely no intention of social distancing ends up causing more stress than half an hour of fresh air solves! Why aren’t people listening? Why don’t people seem to care?

The irony isn’t lost on me that, for the moment at least, a walk in the park is not a walk in the park.

All I know is that things are changing daily here in London now, with government briefings giving new instructions and the network that we have all taken for granted for so long gradually shutting down. Hopefully Boris will soon give the extra mandate clearly required for these people to take the situation seriously.

After deciding that I wouldn’t be going anywhere at all (a default theme today of #stayathome) I felt so grateful for our little balcony.

Collecting some books, a cup of coffee and a yoga mat that I had no intention of using for exercise, I threw myself on the floor in the sunshine for the entire afternoon. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep for a while and took a break from this whole nightmare.

I’ve promised myself that from tonight I’ll be more positive. Perhaps by living vicariously through my past travels for the coming days. As a potentially free summer seems far away and the present is pretty bloody weird, why not just spend some time celebrating the past…

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