Dubrovnik’s Ancient Walls In Photos

Around the coastal city of Dubrovnik, solid ochre stone drops directly onto natural cliffs that plunge into the turquoise sea below. The ramparts of its protective walls once used for defence and embattlement, today stage thriving activity of a different kind.

Camera-laden visitors from cruise ships and guesthouses, parade this famous pathway from dawn till dusk. They’re rewarded with views across the water to Lokrum Island, a birdseye angle of the city’s beautifully renovated architecture and occasionally, a glimpse of local life within the walls.

Despite a devastating earthquake in 1667 and later, significant damage during the struggle for independence from Yugoslavia in the early nineties, UNESCO has led a restoration programme here that has gradually brought the baroque, gothic and renaissance buildings back to their former glory. It’s not surprising that Dubrovnik is titled ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’.

If, like me, you’re willing to battle the procession of organised tours and dare I say it, the selfie-sticks; this urban stroll provides a unique perspective of the city and its people.

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