Unusual: An Accidental Wildlife Walk In Rome

On a visit to Rome’s ancient Forum, the last thing I expected was to indulge in some wildlife photography!

I loved Rome. I constantly found myself doing one of three things: Contemplating impressive feats of ancient engineering, eating beautiful thin crust pizzas in hot, sun-soaked piazzas and wondering how my trip further south could possibly better what I’d already experienced of Italy.

Most unusual though, was my day at the Forum, where amid the columns, arches and palaces of an ancient empire I enjoyed several close encounters with the local wildlife.

Far from being a mere spectator, the shots I captured made me wonder who was really observing who!

5 thoughts on “Unusual: An Accidental Wildlife Walk In Rome

    1. I know! And the odd thing is I only realised this once I’d uploaded them onto my computer and they were sitting alongside each other. It did make me wonder if they were more curious about me than I was about them…

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