Highlights From Two Months On The Road In Central America

In my mission statement for Central America I laid out some guidance for my travels and have been lucky enough to slip back into my Spanish speaking, meet local people and learn about the history, politics and local customs of the places I’ve travelled through.

I’ve also gone through the usual woes of stomach upsets, mosquito bites and sleepless dorm nights!

However, more than other trips I’ve undertaken, my time here has sparked other passions in me. I’m determined to take more than a few elements of this lifestyle home with me at the end of six months. Whether it be my new birding hobby, keeping up my Spanish or simply taking time to relax more often, Central America is teaching me a great deal more than what’s in the guidebooks.

Here are just some highlights from my first two months on the road.

Have you travelled through this part of the world? If so, what were your highlights?

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