Day 2: Choose Your Screensaver To Create Calm

It was dreary today. I didn’t make it outside for a proper walk and the promise of yesterday’s spring seemed very distant all of a sudden.

Instead I found myself thinking about a corporate training programme where we discussed mindfulness and the tactics that we can use in everyday life to engage it.

I’m honest enough to say that I struggle with meditation, just eyes shut. It’s rare that I can completely empty my mind of thoughts unless I have something firm to replace them with. And that’s when I discovered that for years, in finding my ‘happy place’ I had actually been practicing a form of mindfulness.

The idea is that you take an image, a screensaver of sorts, that you can bring up in your mind as you close your eyes. An on-demand moment in time that’s guaranteed to calm your brain. 

Very quickly, I went from feeling embarrassed that I couldn’t meditate to feeling fortunate that I had so many of these mental images to draw on. A lovely mixture of moments from my adventures – waters, mountains and skies and loved ones. Pop one of these images in my head and I can calm my mind relatively quickly.

We all need a good screensaver at the moment. 

So today, my theme was screensavers. Whenever I found myself reaching for the news apps or getting frustrated with the fact my current work desk is a coffee table resting on two chairs, I brought up one of my favourite screensavers.

I suppose the idea is that they’re most effective if its a memory bespoke to you but I thought I would share some anyway. Some inspiration at best. At worst, a few pretty pictures!

My fondest childhood memory is of spending time with my parent on Porquerolles Island. The screensaver: The first glimpse of Notre Dame beach as you come around the corner on your bike.
Dawn over Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra is a big one for me. On a morning cycle I was only ever accompanied by the resident swans. The screensaver: The exact moment that the sun peeked over the horizon and lit the still water.
Rhossili is one of my favourite walks in the world. It only takes two hours to hike over the downs but the views are sweeping in every direction. The screensaver: This view of the beach looking towards Llangennith from Worm’s Head.
Sundown at the summit of Cerro Witz trail in Guatemala is a more recent memory of a moment where I felt complete calm. The screensaver: The final bit of daylight falling behind a this solitary tree on the peak.

If the next few weeks get somewhat overwhelming, perhaps try this technique!

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