Day 3: What Does The Great Outdoors Mean To You?

With all the talk of boundaries, bans and social distancing I’m starting to view the outdoors in the most literal sense of the word: Just being outside.

Over the years I’ve been extremely privileged to find myself in some of the most remote places on the planet. From the summit of cradle mountain in Tasmania to the salt lakes on Bolivia’s high plateau, I always made sure that I acknowledged the moment, took in the view and appreciated the natural world around me.

Although I’ve posted before about how until recent years, I’ve never been quite as good at appreciating the outdoors on my doorstep. Well; if ever there was a time to do that it’s now. So the theme I chose today was not outdoors but simply outside.

The decision just over a year ago to rent a south-facing, ninth floor, new build apartment is really coming into its own at the moment. 

I can enjoy sunrises with my morning coffee at this time of year, while dragging in the fresh air before starting my remote working. It’s also a large enough space to exercise outside without banging limbs. Perhaps my favourite trait of the balcony and its doors is that it lets so much light stream into the flat, even on grey days.

I’ve always loved looking at things from above. Being so high means that I can watch the changing skies and the trains coming and going into London (for now at least). One of my favourite times of day is dusk, just after the sun has dipped behind the silohuette of Ladywell water tower and the clouds are touched with pink for just a few seconds.

A few years ago the old canal that runs alongside my block was re-wilded. It’s now a beautiful little river that sees regular visits from herons, egrets and nesting moorhens. If the neighbours could see me they’d think I was mad – standing like the captain of a ship out there with my binoculars focused on the birds!

I’m all too aware that the government might impose stricter rules on our movements in coming weeks. And so the feature of the flat that I’ve always considered somewhat of a luxury, might gradually become a need.

How lucky I am that I’ll be able to take in the great outdoors from the base of my potential quarantine. 

How are you planning to make the most of the fresh air where you are if restrictions increase in the coming weeks?

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