Day 4: Let’s Give Ourselves Credit For Our Ability To Adapt

Today marked the end of the first week of my whole company working remotely. Initially it felt like it would be a big upheaval but the reality was quite different.

We already had all the technology we needed to make it work. However most importantly, it reminded me that when the chips are down we humans really do have the ability to adapt to any situation we find ourselves in.

Today’s theme was: Adapt.

Changing my routine to different environments was something I learnt at a very young age. From four years old, I moved between two homes – a quiet, old cottage in Wales to a modern flat above a night club in France. It was my normal and I’m so grateful for the confidence it gave me growing up.

When I was seventeen my life changed dramatically and I found myself living in a Travel Lodge while revising for the biggest exams of my life. I spent every day in the intensive care ward of a Nottingham hospital speaking to a mum that didn’t know what day it was; and every evening practicing papers on French politics and Biology. It was what it was but I got through it.

I’ve since realised that we all view drastic lifestyle changes as positive or negative dependent on whether or not they’re under our control.

When I’ve chosen to change my entire life, by moving to Australia, moving jobs or taking long trips across Central America, I’ve fully embraced every change and always stayed positive. When a curve ball has hit me at various points, that similar huge change has positioned itself as a struggle that needed to be endured.

Actually they’re no different. Either way your life changes. In both situations you come out the other end living life slightly differently, having adapted.

Today I took strength from all of those situations. My life has faced upheaval before and no doubt will again. When these things happen to us, the only option we really have is to move with them, try to create a new routine and look after ourselves.

And so just four days since we were all sent home here in London, I had developed a new routine. I set up completely new spaces within my home, embraced new working habits and hit three deadlines as a result. Home working and socialising remotely is the new normal for the foreseeable future.

As everything prepared to shut across the UK after the daily government briefing, I also shut up shop for the week and treated myself to a takeaway curry.

Let’s be kind to ourselves. We’re doing well!

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