Day 26: Reinvention Is As Good As A Rest, Right?

Maybe I’ve completely lost my marbles here. Or maybe it was time I made a change to my corner of the Internet.

For a while now, I’ve been pondering a change of path for Home is A Feeling.

I still believe that we can all find a sense of home anywhere in the world but over the past few years I’ve settled down more permanently in South East London. It’s where I have a flat, it’s where I socialise and recently it’s even become where I work. It’s also where, ever more frequently, I seek micro-adventures on my doorstep.

I have changed.

As my career develops and life becomes busier, longer trips are confined more to annual leave and weekend getaways instead of long backpacking journeys. I find myself planning more than ever so I can cram maximum fun, exploration and relaxation into my holidays. Luckily, years of travel has taught me a great deal about how best to go about it!

On day 26 of London’s lockdown, I became The Curious Traveller.

Not ground breaking and perhaps slightly rushed in the circumstances. However an element of this WordPress community I’ve always enjoyed is the ability to reinvent ourselves and grow with our blog. My travels have changed a lot since 2013 and I wanted to reflect that in the pages of my blog.

Travel as an industry has also changed.

If this crisis has taught us anything it’s that when we absolutely have to, we can all change our lifestyles dramatically.

Greener travel, thoughtful adventuring and virtual exploration have been on the scene for years now but Covid-19 has been the catalyst for them to take centre stage. Not only has it changed our immediate priorities but will also change our approach to travel well into the future. I’m keen to learn more about all these types of travel myself and share my experiences with you.

Why The Curious Traveller?

After almost two decades of travel around the world, I thought long and hard about which of my personal values underpinned all my adventures.

Regardless of the type of travel I’ve done, my wanderlust has always been sparked by an innate curiosity. Whether it be long journeys across continents, weekends away or even visiting a museum here in London, everything I do is woven together by an interest in learning more.

I’ve also always tried to travel with a purpose. Integrating myself into Spanish life in Don Benito, learning the language and working and living abroad for the first time remains one of the most transformative years of my entire life. Making the decisions to move to Australia to live and work is the very reason this blogs exists.

The best type of travel teaches us how to adapt to other cultures, their people and individual situations. It broadens our horizons in a way that means we can never go backwards. That will never change.

So welcome to the new identity, the new look and the new posts, with the same old blogger as always!

5 thoughts on “Day 26: Reinvention Is As Good As A Rest, Right?

  1. Lovely! Always good to reinvent and your blog looks really good! Nice and easy on the eyes with the same thoughttrough blog posts! Happy blogging!


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