A Two Month Itinerary For South East Asia

On my way to Australia I travelled through South East Asia. On a tight timeframe and an even tighter budget, I’d planned an itinerary in advance. Would I experience the best of these countries during my fleeting visit? Or would I rush from temple to beach, not seeing much at all?

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Five Destinations That Are Worth Visiting Twice

Some places are so complex, or teach us so much about ourselves, that we end up longing to go back. Here are just a few of my favourites.

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My Favourite Slow Journeys Around The World

As a London commuter, I’m constantly trying to arrive somewhere as quickly as humanly possible. I scour tube maps to establish the most direct route, shout at taxis that miss my slightest gesture and curse buses, only three minutes apart that deign to shut their doors on me.

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My Five Favourite Beaches Around The World

A relaxing Easter on the beautiful Gower peninsula has reminded me how lucky I am to have spent my childhood never further than a mile from the ocean.

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Dishes From The World’s Longest Train Journey

The Trans-Siberian Express passes through countries renowned for their hearty cooking. Stewed meats, dumplings and some more peculiar feasts are on the menu.

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