Hiking The Seven Waterfalls of Juayúa, El Salvador

It was already warm as I followed our guide, Douglas through Juayua’s cobbled streets to the path where the hike began. A few local street dogs bounced alongside us, ever hopeful of pats or even better, food. 

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Exploring Ixo Cave In Poptun, Guatemala

Caving in Guatemala is an unceremonious affair. You hike for a while, usually through jungle, and then simply slip in. It’s almost as if you have stumbled upon the ancient geological formation by accident. Ah, a massive cave system: what a surprise!

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Hummingbirds At Breakfast: Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica.

Each morning in Cahuita, I sip a hot coffee on my little patio and watch in silence as multiple species of hummingbird, tanager and woodpecker go about their morning routine. 

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Stromboli: Walking The Ridge Of Europe’s Most Active Volcano

“Like a child’s sand castle from which the bucket had been removed too early, earth slopped from the top of the mountain in swathes of dark ash.”

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Walking Gran Canaria’s Volcanic Past

The pristine swimming pools of Gran Canaria’s coastal resorts are a far cry from the island’s origins.

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It Does Snow In Australia: Winter Play In The Snowy Mountains

Many consider sun, surf culture and endless sprawling coastline to be synonymous with Australia. Of course, it has all the above in droves, but it also has frosty winter mornings, ski fields and snow. As we enter the deep dark depths of British winter, I look back at a colder version of the world’s hottest country.

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A Baltic Bargain: History And Nature In Trakai, Lithuania

From a thin slice of fertile land that extends into the lakes of Lithuania’s southeast, wooden jetties push into the still water dangling narrow fishing boats and colourful pedalos.

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Hiking In Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

I was lost metres from the main road. The midday heat of early May in Croatia’s countryside drenched the material of my heavy backpack, and I started to daydream about passing the afternoon with an icy beer instead.

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Walks Through Wildflowers: Exploring Slovenia’s North West

Two hours from the queues at Stansted Airport, I was transported to a world of snowy peaks and bubbling springs.

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Wingo And A Hike Through The Ecuadorian Amazon

Wingo was a wanderer by nature. In tales of his childhood he recalled staying in the jungle until night fall, only brought back to his village by the enticing thought of his mother huddled over the fire preparing food.

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