Always Looking Up: Two Days In Venice, Italy

Venice’s celebrity stems from its wonders of engineering, its diversity and its rich ancient trade, but often we only think of its canals.

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Delta: Passing Time In Rome’s Pantheon

I got an acute sense of time passing inside Rome’s Pantheon. Not only because it was built almost two millennia ago, but because its ancient architecture acts as a colossal sun dial.

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Did Denmark’s Kronborg Castle Inspire Hamlet?

Only half an hour from Copenhagen, the Danish waterside town of Helsingør. has a completely different feel.

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A New Discovery At Ancient Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Well before sunrise Angkor Wat is bustling. Loaded tuk-tuks pull up in front of the iconic facade of Cambodia’s largest temple and immediately cameras start clicking. This is always how another day begins at the famous complex. 

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Lille’s Historic Façades In Photos

Lille’s complex history is visible in the architecture of its prominent buildings. From the cobbled quarter of Saint André, to the tinted glass of the Euralille shopping centre, a walk through the city tells a story of constant evolution through the diversity of its façades.

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Walking Through 500 Years At Hampton Court Palace

Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed.” (Henry VIII of England)

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Dubrovnik’s Ancient Walls In Photos

Around the coastal city of Dubrovnik, solid ochre stone drops directly onto natural cliffs that plunge into the turquoise sea below. The ramparts of its protective walls once used for defence and embattlement, today stage thriving activity of a different kind.

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The Palaces And Castles of Sintra, Portugal

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sintra was once inhabited by the Moors who dominated most of the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th century onwards. The Moorish castle ruins atop Sintra’s hill peak are testament to their long and successful stay.

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New York City In Monochrome

My trip to New York came at the end of a tumultuous year. It wasn’t a holiday that was wanted, but needed. I couldn’t wait to escape and breathe different air to bring in the New Year.

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Photos Of Canberra’s Annual Enlighten Festival

In early autumn, Canberra’s political and cultural centre takes on a different hue. Even the deep reds and picturesque rustiness of the trees encircling Lake Burley Griffin can’t compete with the vivid glow of the annual Enlighten Festival.

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